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Jerusalem and God save the Queen Last night of the Proms 2012

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British Patriotic Songs Jerusalem

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English hymn Jerusalem by William Blake

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Charlotte Church Jerusalem Live From Jerusalem 2001

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Laura Wright sings Jerusalem

Duration: 00:03:02 Video Size 119.28 MB MP3 Size 2.98 MB Ron Davis

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quot Jerusalem quot British Patriotic Song

Duration: 00:02:39 Video Size 104.2 MB MP3 Size 2.61 MB God King and Country

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On BBC 1's Songs of Praise performed by British male choir group called "Blake" it's the unofficial 'national anthem' of England from the poem written by Sir.

Jazmin Sawyers] (Official Video). More video from this Prom. Also referred to as 'And did those feet in ancient time'.

Jerusalem, by Parry, orch. Elgar God save the Queen conductor: Jiri
Belohlavek BBC Symphony Orchestra BBC Symphony Chorus recorded @ the
Royal Albert ...
Jerusalem - One of the Unofficial Anthems of the constituent country
of the United Kingdom, England. Also referred to as 'And did those
feet in ancient time' ...
National Anthem England Jerusalem

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BBC Proms Hubert Parry Jerusalem orch Elgar

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Jerusalem The Official Anthem of Commonwealth Games England 2018 Official Video

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Unofficial Anthem of England Jerusalem

Duration: 00:02:43 Video Size 106.82 MB MP3 Size 2.67 MB FosterAnthem

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