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Irene Uwoya Tah tah Official music video

Duration: 00:02:48 Video Size 110.1 MB MP3 Size 2.75 MB Bm byams

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Harmonize Atarudi Official Music Video

Duration: 00:05:14 Video Size 205.78 MB MP3 Size 5.14 MB Harmonize

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Lava Lava Niuwe Official Music Video

Duration: 00:03:21 Video Size 131.73 MB MP3 Size 3.29 MB Lava Lava

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Diamond Platnumz Kanyaga Official Music Video

Duration: 00:02:58 Video Size 116.65 MB MP3 Size 2.92 MB Diamond Platnumz

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Rayvanny Ft Diamond Platnumz Tetema Behind The Scene Part 2

Duration: 00:16:14 Video Size 638.32 MB MP3 Size 15.96 MB Rayvanny

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Rayvanny Chombo Official Music Video

Duration: 00:02:53 Video Size 113.38 MB MP3 Size 2.83 MB Rayvanny

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Diamond Platnumz latest song "Hallelujah" ▻ http//bitly/2x02yYg Watch new video ft NeYo "Marry You".

Watch new video ft NeYo "Marry You". KANYAGA is the Anthem Video Shot By Director Kenny under Zoom Production in Dar es Salaam Get A Boy From Tandale Album.

Diamond Platnumz latest song "Hallelujah" ▻ http://bit.ly/2x02yYg
Watch new video ft Ne-Yo "Marry You" :
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdOaBtUvH80 ...
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WHOZU Huendi Mbinguni Official Music Video

Duration: 00:03:13 Video Size 126.48 MB MP3 Size 3.16 MB Whozu Andaskoo

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Wcb wasafi ft Diamond Platnumz amp Mbosso amp Lavalava JIBEBE Official Video

Duration: 00:03:49 Video Size 150.08 MB MP3 Size 3.75 MB Mbosso

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Diamond Platnumz ft Khadija Kopa Nasema Nawe AFRICANS TWERKING Official Music Video

Duration: 00:05:09 Video Size 202.51 MB MP3 Size 5.06 MB Diamond Platnumz

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Diamond Platnumz Mbagala Official Video

Duration: 00:04:12 Video Size 165.15 MB MP3 Size 4.13 MB Diamond Platnumz

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